Board and Batten

Board and Batten construction

Board and batten is a siding and paneling style that uses narrow strips of wood placed over the joints of wide boards for a geometric, layered effect. Historically, a wooden batten would be placed over a seam between the wide boards, creating a stronger and more energy-efficient siding.


Bracing in Building construction

Bracing is a structural reinforcement that is also a secondary but necessary component of the bridge structure. A bracing system serves to stabilize the main girders during construction. One form of bracing is cross bracing, which features two members organized in an X-shape so that one deals with tension and the other with compression


Aggregate in construction

Aggregate is the term given to the material (sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, etc.) frequently used in construction for reinforcement and stabilizing the structure. Aggregates are widely used for columns, beams, foundations, and roads.


Admixture in construction

An admixture is defined as “a material other than water, aggregates, cementitious materials, and fibre reinforcement, used as an ingredient of a cementitious mixture to modify its freshly mixed, setting, or hardened properties and that is added to the batch before or during its mixing”.

Organic or inorganic materials are added in small quantities to modify the properties of the concrete, which is in a fresh or hardened state.


Adhesives in construction

Adhesive, also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste (terms that are often used interchangeably for any organic material that forms an adhesive bond), is any non-metallic substance applied to one or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.