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Glass Facade building


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I will be honest!!Hello guys,Welcome to another architectural blog. In this blog, I will talk about...
The floating city of maldives
The Floating City of Maldives
As we all know, the Maldives is a tourist-friendly nation with a minimum of 130 resorts on 200 inhabited...
Zaha Hadid Story
The Inspiring Story of the Architect "Zaha Hadid"
Zaha Hadid, a name we architecture students always take with honor. She is often known as “The...
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Standard Dimensions of Furniture


In architecture, a curb or kerb is an element that is present at the edges of roads, streets, and highways. It is used to highlight the roads, separates the road from the sidewalks, and provide a good flow of surface water drainage to the road.
Daylight is an important component of architecture in its historical, theoretical, and technical conceptions, with the ability to inspire people and illuminate design elements. Light’s aesthetic and psychological qualities are combined with building orientation, cross-section, interior finishes, window design, and integration with electric lighting in daylighting design principles. 


types of ventilation
What do understand with the term “Ventilation”Ventilation is derived from the Latin word “ventus,”...
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Case Study of Walt Disney Concert Hall
Everyone knows that architecture has been a conservative discipline since the beginning of time. It demands...
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What is drainage system
Drainage System
A drainage system that involves the removal of surface water through well-defined pipeline connectivity...
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Example of doric order
Doric Order
The Doric order is one of the simplest and most primitive of the three ancient orders of Greek and Roman...
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Passive cooling uses cost-free and renewable sources of energy like the wind and sun to provide lighting, cooling, and ventilation for a house. It is a natural or passive way of cooling a building or space without using any mechanical or electrical devices…
Gothic architecture is a kind of medieval European architecture that flourished from the middle of the 12th century through the 16th century and, in certain places, continued into the 17th and 18th centuries. [1] [2] [4] It developed from Romanesque architecture, and Renaissance architecture replaced it.

Standard Dimensions of Sports