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Glass Facade building


The floating city of maldives
The Floating City of Maldives
As we all know, the Maldives is a tourist-friendly nation with a minimum of 130 resorts on 200 inhabited...
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Advice for Architecture Student (Part – 2)
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Freshmen entering the Architecture field
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The Horrors of Architecture Students
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Motivational Architectural Blog
Advice for Architecture Student (Part - 1)
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Zaha Hadid Story
The Inspiring Story of the Architect "Zaha Hadid"
Zaha Hadid, a name we architecture students always take with honor. She is often known as “The...

Standard Dimensions of Furniture


In architecture, a cornice is a decorative element that is typically found between walls and a roof or ceiling. It is also found in many furniture pieces as a crown and highlighting element, mainly over a door, window, or above kitchen cabinets and bookcases. Cornices are used in residential and commercial buildings’ exteriors and interiors to serve an aesthetic as well as functional purpose.
A drainage system that involves the removal of surface water through well-defined pipeline connectivity or channels is known as a drainage system. Drainage systems for buildings are constructed to work under gravity wherever possible.


legoland models display
Lego Architecture
Lego Architecture is a series of Lego sets owned by LEGO Groups. It focuses on replicating the most famous...
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how to approach in a building
An entrance in architecture refers to the designated point of access to a building, house, or any other...
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examples of tuscan orders
Tuscan Order
The Tuscan order is one of the classical orders of Roman architecture; the other four are Ionic, Doric,...
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use of greek ionic order in temples
Ionic Order
The Ionic order is one of the classical orders of Greek architecture; the other two are the Doric and...
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Ventilation is derived from the Latin word “ventus,” which means “the movement of air” . It refers to the process of continuously providing fresh air to an indoor space by removing or diluting polluted air.
Passive cooling uses cost-free and renewable sources of energy like the wind and sun to provide lighting, cooling, and ventilation for a house. It is a natural or passive way of cooling a building or space without using any mechanical or electrical devices…

Standard Dimensions of Sports