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Q1. What are the dimensions of a TV Cabinet?

The dimensions of a TV Cabinet are Length: 2820 mm, Breadth: 470 mm, and height (Total): 2120 mm.

Q2.   What is T.V Cabinet?

T.V cabinet is a furniture on which T.V unit is placed/installed. It has several storage options such as drawers and shelves.

Q3. What should be the minimum distance between T.V and person?   

Minimum distance from T.V varies according to the size of the T.V. For example if we have 32” (inches) T.V unit then the minimum distance from person should be 1800 mm (180 cm).

  • For 42” (inches) :- 2400 mm (240 cm)
  • For 50” (inches) :- 2800 mm (280 cm)
  • For 60” (inches) :- 3400 mm (340 cm)
  • For 71” (inches) :- 3800 mm (380 cm)

Q4.  Where do we install T.V unit?

TV is used for entertainment purposes, we watch shows, movies, and other things to enjoy and relax from it, therefore, it should be placed in comfortable areas like the Bedroom, Living Room, and Hall or as per you want it to be installed.

Q5. At what height TV should be placed?

For example, if your TV Size is 42 to 50 inches, you will want to keep your seating within 3050 mm of it. Also, carefully consider the height. Having the screen set at 1050 – 1200 mm (42 to 48 inches) above the floor works in most cases. [1]



Length  :- 2820 mm

Breadth :- 470 mm

Height :- 2120 mm


Solid Wood, Glass, Metal etc.


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