dimensions of end table

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Q1. What are the dimensions of the End Table?

The dimensions of the end table are Length:- 550 mm, Breadth:- 550 mm, and Height:- 450 mm.

Q2.   What is Side Table?

The side table is a piece of furniture that is generally placed at the ends of a sofa, armchair, lounge chair, and other living/bedroom chairs. The surface of this table is used to hold table lamps, drinks, remotes, books, and other everyday essential items.

Q3.  How tall should End Table be?   

End tables should have roughly the same height as the arms of the nearest sofa or chair. Chairs have common arm heights in the range of 610 to 810mm, therefore, the end table has approx. height within these chairs.

Q4.  Difference between Side Table and End Table?

  • A-Side table have usually larger surface area that’s why it is more visible in space and enhances the overall design of a room.
  • A End table has a smaller surface and it can often fit into any tight space.
  • Side tables have different use: to place books, as storage place etc.
  • End table is commonly used to hold items like a mug, books, glasses, keys, etc.



Length  :- 550 mm

Breadth :- 550 mm

Height :- 450 mm


Bamboo, Glass [Plywood and hardwood like oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, and walnut]


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