study chair plan and elevation

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Study Chair?

The dimensions of a study chair are Length: 430 mm (17 inches), breadth: 480 mm (19 inches) and height (total): 915 mm (37 inches)

Q2. What is the standard seating height of the Chair?

The standard seating height of a chair should be between 420 to 480 mm (17 to 19 inches).

Q3. How much width of a chair should be comfortable?

In the market, chairs are available in a variety of styles and materials, but the width of the chair should be between 420 to 560 mm (17 to 22 inches).

Q4. How much clear space is required for a chair?

The chair should have a clear space of 750 to 1000 mm (30 to 40 inches).

Q5.  Use of a Chair?

A chair is primarily used for sitting, providing a stable and elevated surface for individuals to rest on. It is commonly utilized in various settings, such as homes, offices, and public spaces, for comfort and support during activities like working, dining, or socializing.

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Length :- 430 mm

Breadth :- 430 mm

Breadth (Total) :- 480 mm

Seating Height :- 450 mm

Height (Total) :- 915 mm


Body :- Solid pine

Cushion :- Cotton and linen


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*Note: The dimensions written in inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted

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