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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Toilet Basin?

The dimensions of a toilet basin are length: 450 mm, Breadth: 320 mm, and height (sink): 120 mm. The height of the bathroom sink is 825 mm.

Q2. What is the standard height of the Toilet Basin?

The standard height of the toilet basin should be 850 mm. On the market, there are several options for different bathroom basins and the heights are between  810 and 900 mm.

Q3. Distance of the bathroom basin from the wall?

The distance of the toilet basin from the center to the wall should be 450 mm. This much distance is also required from other fixtures like the water closet, bathtub, bath area, etc.

Q4. How much activity area is required to use the Bathroom basin comfortably?

The activity area in front of the toilet basin should be 600 x 450 mm (It can vary as per the length of the toilet basin). Then it will be comfortable to use for the users.

Q5. Where to place a toilet basin in a bathroom?

The bathroom basin has several options, like wall-hung, floor-mounted, and others. The preferable location of the bathroom basin should be in a dry area in the front with non-slippery tiles; because the sink is the most used fixture in the bathroom.

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Length :- 450 mm

Breadth :- 320 mm

Height (Sink) :- 120 mm

Height (From Floor) :-  825 mm


Ceramic, Stone, Porcelain, Glass, Stainless Steel, Marble, Wood, etc.


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