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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Office Workstation?

The dimensions of a Office workstation are Length: 2400 mm (96 inches) and Breadth: 600 mm (24 inches). The height of the office workstation is 750 mm (30 inches).

Q2. What is the standard seating height of the office chair and workstation?

  • The standard height of a chair should be 420 mm (17 inches), but seat heights can vary between users, ranging from 410 mm to 530 mm (16 to 21 inches). A Height adjustable chair is recommended.
  • The standard height of office workstation from the floor should be 750 mm (30 inches).

Q3. What’s the ideal width for an office workstation and distance between two adjacent workstation?

  • Usually, office desks are designed with different shapes, sizes, and styles, with a common overall width between 750 to 1500 mm (30 to 60 inches) and depth between 600 to 750 mm (24 to 30 inches).
  • The distance between two adjacent workstations should be between 1200 to 1500 mm (4 to 5 ft.).

Q4. What are the important elements to add to the office workstation for better design? 

  • Office workstation should be tailored to suit the specific needs of the user. Features such as grommets or cable management systems aid in maintaining a tidy workspace by concealing wires and cables. The recommended diameter of the grommet should be between 30 to 50 mm (1 to 2 inches).
  • Desk dividers or table screens are anticipated with office tables to enhance privacy and concentration by creating individual workspaces. It also reduces distractions from nearby colleagues or surroundings. The height of the table screen should be between 350 to 600 mm (14 to 24 inches).

Q5. Benefits of Office Workstation with storage options?

  • Maximizes workspace by providing storage for documents, supplies, and personal items.
  • Organizes clutter and keeps the workspace tidy.
  • Enhances efficiency by keeping essential items within reach.
  • Offers versatility in storing various types of materials and equipment.
  • Optimizes productivity by reducing the need to search for items elsewhere.

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*Note:- The dimensions written in inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted.



Length  :- 2400 mm

Breadth :- 600 mm

Height :- 750 mm

Height (Total) :- 1050 mm


E1 grade melamine panel with particle board, fabric screen, aluminum alloy metal leg, can be made with different materials according to your suitability.


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