inverter split ac plan and elevation with dimensions

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Inverter Split AC?

The dimensions of an inverter split ac are Length :- 845 mm (34 inches), Breadth :- 211 mm (8 inches) and height :- 269 mm (11 inches). The Installation height of the Air Conditioner (AC) from the floor level should be 2400 mm (8 Ft.).

Q2. What is the height of Air Conditioner (AC) from the floor level and Ceiling?

The height of the air conditioner can vary with the change in ceiling height. For example, in a 3000 mm (10 Ft) high room, the split ac should be placed at 2100 – 2400 mm (7 to 8 Ft) and in a 3600 mm (12 Ft) high room, the ac should be placed at 2700 – 3000 mm (9 to 10 Ft).

The air conditioner should be placed 150 to 300 mm (6 to 12 inches) from the ceiling’s bottom. The reason is that, AC sucks the warm air from the top and blows it back through it.

For a window air conditioner, the ideal height from the ground or floor level is 900 to 1200 mm (3 to 4 Ft).

Q3. What should be the suitable size of the room with respect to the capacity of Air Conditioner?

As per British Guidelines, 20 BTU is required for each square foot of space.

Size or capacity of air conditioner required for a room (Source: Voltas AC, Indian Standards)

Size of Room (Sq ft)Capacity of AC (Size)
<=900.75 ton ac
91-1301 ton ac
131-1901.5 ton ac
190-2502 ton ac
250-3102.5 ton ac

Q4. What is the ideal temperature to set your AC to?

Firstly, we should avoid using air conditioners at our place because of the climatic conditions. But if you are using it, then set the temperature between 25° and 27° to balance comfort and energy efficiency. Avoid using it between 21° and 24° as it is cold, requires more energy, and is also not favorable for climatic conditions. Between 25° and 27° is ideal, and if it’s not, you can use it with a fan to meet your requirements.

Q5. Important Guidelines to install an Air Conditioner?

These considerations should be taken before installing an AC:-

  • Determine the size of the room.
  • Nearest opening for better placement.
  • Consider the energy efficiency.
  • Look for the capacity of AC required for your space
  • Avoid placing electronic items below the AC unit.

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*Note:- The dimensions written in feet, inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted.



Length :- 845 mm

Breadth :- 211 mm

Height :- 269 mm

Capacity :- 2 Ton


11.2 Kg




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