electric water heater dimensions

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Q1. What are the dimensions of an Electric water heater?

The dimensions of an electric water heater are Diameter: 597 mm, and height (depth): 775 mm. The height at which the water heater is placed is 1800 mm.

Q2. What should be the water heater height from the floor?

The standard height of the water heater from the ground should be 1800 mm. It is advisable to install the water heater at this height to maintain adequate pressure of water.

Q3. Distance of the water heater from the wall?

The distance of the water heater from the center to the wall should be 350 mm. Having this much space makes it easy to maintain the water heater if required.

Q4. Where to place a water heater in a toilet?

The Water heaters are available in different shapes and sizes. The preferred location of the water heater should be near the shower area or above the water closet, as it allows for easy flow of hot water to the taps. The location also depends on the connection of the water heater to the tank.

Q5. How to install a water heater in the bathroom?

To ensure appropriate installation and safety, installing a water heater in the bathroom requires special consideration. Here are some step-by-step instructions to install it:

First : Choose a suitable location.

Second : Shut off utilities and drain water lines.

Third : Prepare the installation area.

Fourth : Install the water heater.

Fifth: Insulate pipes (optional)

Sixth : Test the installation.

Last : Final checks

Working with electrical and plumbing systems might be risky if you are inexperienced. It is better to seek advice or hire a professional plumber or electrician.

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Diameter  :- 597 mm

Height (Depth) :- 775 mm

Weight :- 27.7 kg

Tank Capacity:- 20 Gal / 76 L


Electric Tank Water Heater


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