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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Communal Table?

The dimensions of a communal table are Length: 1830 mm (73 inches), Breadth: 1070 mm (42 inches), and height: 740 mm (30 inches).

Q2. Use of communal table?

Communal tables are used for a large gathering, where at a time a group of people can sit, this type of table makes full use of space. It is mainly used in restaurants, hotels, hostels, etc.

Q3. What size of table is suitable for 15 people?   

The minimum dimension of the table is a length of 4880 mm (16 Ft.) and a breadth of 1470 mm (4.9 Ft.), which is suitable for 15 people.

Q4.  What is standard height of a table?

The standard height should be between 700 mm (28 inches) to 800 mm (32 inches).

Q5.  Minimum clear space around the conference table?

A clear space of 1200 mm (4 ft.) is required from the edge of the wall for better movement around it.

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*Note: The dimensions written in feet, inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted.



Length  :- 1830 mm

Breadth :- 1070 mm

Height :- 740 mm


Solid Wood, butcher block etc.


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