Sliding door wardrobe dimensions

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Q1.   What is Wardrobe?

A Wardrobe is a tall standing closet that is used for storing clothes and other dressing stuff. It has space for hanging the clothes and also includes drawers.

Q2. What are the dimensions of a Sliding Door Wardrobe?

The dimensions of the sliding door wardrobe are Length:- 1200 mm, Breadth:- 570 mm, and Height:- 1900 mm.

Q3. What should be the height of a Wardrobe?

The minimum height should be 1800 to 1900mm. These days, architects and designers are preferring 2400 mm, 2700 mm or full-height wardrobes because of aesthetics and to add more space options for clients.

Q4.  Difference between Wardrobe and Armoire?

Both of them are used for storing clothes but an armoire is a special type of closet that can serve several purposes, while a wardrobe is generally used as an external closet to store clothes and have simple look in design.

Armoire also gives an antique and vintage look which has more detailing and style components, while a wardrobe has simple and basic detailing.

Armoire has more storage options than a wardrobe as it has shelves and drawers.



Length  :- 1200 mm

Breadth :- 570 mm

Height :- 1900 mm


Wood, Plywood, Hardboard, MDF (Medium Density Fiber), [Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum for Handle & legs], Glass (mirror), etc.


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