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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Urinal in mm?

The dimensions of a urinal are Length: 480 mm (19 inches), Breadth: 315 mm (12 inches) and height (Urinal): 650 mm (26 inches). The height of Urinal from floor level should be between 450 to 610 mm (18 to 24 inches); it varies as per the user’s needs.

Q2. What is the standard installation height for the Urinals?

The standard urinal height from the floor should be 610 mm (24 inches) for adults and 510 mm (21 inches) for juniors. On the market, there are several options for different urinal heights as per the user’s needs that are between 450 to 610 mm (18 to 24 inches).

Q3. Distance of the Urinal from the wall and other fixtures?

The distance of the urinal from the center to the wall should be 450 mm (18 inches). This much distance is also required from other fixtures like the wash basin, bathtub, shower area, etc.

Q4. Is it necessary to have a urinal in residential bathroom?

No, it is not necessary to have a urinal in a residential bathroom. Residential bathrooms typically have toilets that serve the needs of all household members. Adding a urinal would require extra space, maintenance, and plumbing, which may not be practical or cost-effective for most homes.

Q5. How to arrange fixtures in a toilet or bathroom?

In toilets or bathrooms, arranging fixtures and plumbing can be challenging. To achieve a comfortable and efficient layout, try to minimize the use of walls by arranging fixtures along one wall. This approach offers several benefits:

  • Arranging fixtures on one wall creates a more comfortable and accessible layout.
  • It minimizes the use of plumbing pipes, making the installation simpler and reducing potential plumbing issues.
  • By using fewer walls for plumbing, the risk of leakage and dampness is minimized.
  • This method is cost-effective as it reduces the need for extensive plumbing work.
  • It maximizes the activity areas for different fixtures, ensuring better utilization of the bathroom space.

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*Note: The dimensions written in inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted.



Length  :- 480 mm

Breadth :- 315 mm

Height (Urinal) :- 650 mm

Height (Urinate) :- 610 mm (Adults) and 510 mm (Juniors)


Vitreous China, Porcelain, Plastic, Stainless Steel, etc.


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