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Q1. What are the dimensions of a LED chandelier?

The dimensions of a LED Chandelier are Diameter: 737 mm (29 inches), and height (Lights): 635 mm (25 inches). The height of the chandelier from the ground is 2100 mm (7 Ft.).

Q2. What should be the chandelier’s clear height from the ground?

The clear height of the chandelier from the ground should be between 2100 – 2400 mm (7 to 8 Ft.). The height of the chandelier can vary depending on the ceiling height from the ground.

Q3. How do you hang a chandelier on the ceiling?

Before hanging the chandelier, check if the power is turned off. Then the next step should be securing the electrical box and assembling the chandelier. Connect all the wiring and check all the connections. Add the bulbs, and it is ready. After installing, check whether the clear height of the chandelier is 2100 mm (7 Ft.) or not, because it can be dangerous if it is below it.

Q4. How to clean the chandelier?

Before cleaning make sure the chandelier is not connected with the power. Then bring a step ladder and a soft cloth. Spray the cleaning solution and softly wipe off all the dirt.

Q5. Where to place a chandelier?

A chandelier is not just used for lighting a space. It is also used to increase the aesthetics of any space; basically, chandeliers can be installed in any space, like a bedroom, dining room, drawing room, living room, etc.

To read the detailed design and interior guide for the bedroom, dining room, or living room, click here…

*Note: The dimensions written in feet, inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted.



Diameter  :- 737 mm

Height (Lights) :- 635 mm

Height (Chord) :- 295 mm

Weight :- 0.9 Kg


Polypropylene ceiling cups, steel tubes, acrylic optical lenses, brass, crystal, glass, wood, rustic iron, stainless steel, etc.


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