refrigerator dimensions

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Refrigerator?

The dimensions of the refrigerator are Length:- 905 mm, Breadth:- 845 mm, and Height:- 1775 mm. A minimum amount of clear space in front of the fridge should be equal to its door width.

Q2. What should be the direction of a refrigerator, as per Vastu?

  • Avoid placing your fridge in the north or east direction.
  • It should be placed in the southwest corner.

Q3. Some Simple Tips Regarding Fridge Vastu?   

  • If the refrigerator is located in front of a door, the airflow will cause inconsistency in wealth and possible financial losses.
  • A messy refrigerator may attract a lot of bad energy into the home. So maintain everything clean and orderly for sanitary reasons, as well as to boost the happy sentiments at home.
  • Don’t throw out anything from your refrigerator that has anything to do with the nourishment of your household. The abundance of food in the refrigerator suggests that there is no need to worry about food or clothes.
  • Always keep your fridge a good distance away from the stove. Your refrigerator represents the water element, while your stove represents the fire element. The refrigerator creates cold air, but the stove produces hot air, which affects your digestive health and causes family discord.



Length :- 905 mm

Breadth :- 845 mm

Height :- 1775 mm


Frre 2D AutoCAD File

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