communal table dimensions

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Communal Table?

The dimensions of a communal table are Length: 3050 mm, Breadth: 1220 mm, and height: 740 mm.

Q2.  What is communal table?

The communal tables also known as community tables, are large/big tables that are used in restaurants that can seat more than one group at a time.

Q3.  Minimum clear space around conference table?

A clear space of 1220 mm (122 cm) is required from the edge of the wall for better movement around it.

Q4.  What is standard height of a table?

The standard height should be between 710mm (71 cm) to 810mm (81 cm).



Length  :- 3050 mm

Breadth :- 1220 mm

Height :- 740 mm


Solid Wood, butcher block etc.


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