cassette ac plan with dimensions

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Cassette AC?

The dimensions of a cassette AC are Length :- 950 mm (38 inches), Breadth :- 950 mm (38 inches) and height :- 333 mm (13 inches).

Q2. How much depth of false ceiling is required to install a cassette AC?

A minimum depth of 450 mm (18 inches) and a maximum of 600 mm (24 inches) are required to comfortably install a cassette AC into a false ceiling.

Q3. Where should you install a cassette AC?

A cassette AC should be installed in the ceiling, ideally at the center of the room or the area requiring cooling, to ensure uniform air distribution. It’s best suited for spaces with a false or suspended ceiling, which allows for the integration of the unit without compromising aesthetics. It can be used in commercial or residential projects, perfectly suitable for offices, restaurants, living room, etc.

Q4. What is the ideal temperature to set your AC to?

Firstly, we should avoid using air conditioners at our place because of the climatic conditions. But if you are using it, then set the temperature between 25° and 27° to balance comfort and energy efficiency. Avoid using it between 21° and 24° or below it, as it is cold, requires more energy, and is also not favorable for climatic conditions. Between 25° and 27° is ideal, and if it’s not, you can use it with a fan to meet your comforts.

Q5. Benefits of cassette AC over split AC?

  • Cassette ACs ensure even cooling throughout the room by dispersing air in all directions.
  • Their ceiling installation allows for a sleek and unobtrusive appearance, enhancing the room’s décor.
  • They are more effective than split ACs in cooling larger areas, making them ideal for commercial spaces..
  • It is generally quieter because the main component is placed in the ceiling, away from ear level.
  • Servicing cassette ACs is more convenient as it does not require moving furniture or obstructing wall space.

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*Note:- The dimensions written in inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted.



Length :- 950 mm

Breadth :- 950 mm

Height :- 333 mm

Capacity :- 6.0 HP


30 Kg (Indoor Unit)




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