nightstand dimensions

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Q1.   What is Nightstand?

A typical nightstand, also known by other names is a small table that is kept beside a bed to hold a lamp and other stuff related to the bed. It has storage options also and comes with 1-2 drawers.

Q2. What are the dimensions of a Nightstand?

The dimensions of the nightstand are Length:- 610 mm, Breadth:- 457 mm, and Height:- 584 mm.

Q3. Appropriate distance between Nightstand/Side Table and Bed?

There should be a minimum 50 mm distance between the level of the mattress and the nightstand.

Q4.  How tall are bedside tables?

Bedside Tables have an average height between 610-710 mm to match the typical bed height of 635 mm.



Length  :- 610 mm

Breadth :- 457 mm

Height :- 584 mm


Wood veneer, MDF, Plywood, Pressboard, [Brass, Stainless Steel for Handle & legs] etc.


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