risom rocker dimensions

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Risom Rocker ?

The dimensions of a Risom Rocker are length: 710 mm, Breadth: 910 mm, and height (seat): 460 mm.

Q2.  What is Side Chair?   

Side chairs are armless chairs with frames that are not completely deluxe. Because side chairs are typically easy to move and are manufactured with a large variety of styles and materials, side chairs are practical furniture items that are often used as dining chairs.

Q3.  Use of Side Chair?

Often used for seating, in a specific place, it is used in the dining room as an additional seating chair. Can be used with a coffee table, as an option as an outdoor seating chair, etc.

Q4.   Why do chairs have different seating heights?

Different seating chairs have different seating heights because of their use and the comfort zone of the people. The standard seating height of a chair is a minimum of 457 mm.



Length :- 710 mm

Breadth :- 910 mm

Seat Height :- 460 mm

Armrest Height :- 620 mm


Wrought Iron, rattan cane, Solid oak, walnut (Frame); Fabric, leather (cushion), etc.


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