celine desk dimensions

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Q1.   What are the dimensions of the Celine Desk?

The dimensions of a Celine Desk are: Length: 1100 mm, Breadth: 550 mm, and Height: 760 mm.

Q2.  What is desk?

The desk is a piece of furniture that has a flat or sloping surface and is used for reading, writing, or doing other work.

Q3.  What is the use of desk?

Mainly desk are used for work, read and write. People use it to rest their reading/writing stuffs like books, computer, laptop and other things. Desk are used in school, office, home etc.

Q4.  What is the standard height of desk?

The Standard height should be minimum 745 mm (74.5 cm).

Q5.  What should be the seat height for the desk chair?

The standard height should be between 410mm (41 cm) to 530mm (53 cm).



Length  :- 1100 mm

Breadth :- 550 mm

Height :- 760 mm


Wood, Glass, Metal, Laminate, Plywood, Plastic, etc.


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