dining table dimensions

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Q1.   What are the dimensions of the Dining Table?

The dimensions of a Dining table are: Length: 1100 mm, Breadth: 670 mm, and Height: 740 mm.

Q2.  Importance of Dining Table?   

  • Because of table people eat together.
  • We can have better food choices.
  • It can give relief after a chaotic day
  • It can avoid our online world because of leaving mobile, Tab etc.

Q3.  How to decorate Dining Table?

Dining table is a place where a family use to sit together and have meal together. This space should be maintained well enough so that they can feel good. Positive things like bouquet of flowers, a bowl of fruit, vases, candles, and various other accent pieces can create good vibes.

Q4.  Positive effects of having dinner\breakfast\lunch on Dining Table?

  • Helps to build strong family relationships.
  • Helps in child development.
  • Good for mental and physical health.
  • More especially save time of every individual.

Q5.   What should be the minimum distance of dining table from the wall?

The dining table should be 900 to 1050 mm from the wall for accessing the chairs and serving food.

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Length  :- 1100 mm

Breadth :- 670 mm

Height :- 740 mm


Wood, Glass, Metal, Marble (for top), Quartz, etc.


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