built-in hob plan and elevation with dimensions

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Built-in HOB?

The dimensions of a Built-in HOB are Length: 750 mm (30 inches) and Breadth: 450 mm (18 inches). The height of the HOB is 106 mm (4 inches). 

Q2. What are the standard sizes of Hobs are available on the market?

There are number of brands who manufacture or design hobs for kitchen uses and it can vary brand to brand and location to location. Some common sizes of Hobs are 600 mm, 700 mm, 750 mm, and 900 mm (24 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches).

Q3. What is the standard height of a cooktop or worktop in India?

The standard height of a cooktop in India is 850 mm (34 inches). But you can take a height between 750 to 850 mm (30 to 34 inches) as per your comfort zone.

In western countries, the standard height of worktop is between 850 to 950 mm (34 to 38 inches).

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Q4. At what height chimney hood should be installed in a kitchen?

A chimney hood should be installed between 600 to 750 mm (24 to 30 inches) from the cooktop in a kitchen.

Q5. Which type of cabinets should be designed below Built-in Hobs? 

Below the hobs or burners, you should design a cutlery drawer {600 to 750 mm (24 to 30 inches)} and a gas storage cabinet {420 to 450 mm (17 to 18 inches)} because it is very comfortable and feasible for the user.

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*Note:- The dimensions written in inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted.



Length  :- 750 mm

Breadth :- 450 mm

Height :- 106 mm


  • Cast Iron Grids
  • Brass Burners
  • Metallic Knobs




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