sleeper sofa plan and elevation

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Sleeper Sofa?

The dimensions of a Sleeper Sofa are Length: 2250 mm (90 inches), breadth: 1050 mm (42 inches) and height (total): 830 mm (33 inches).

Q2. What is Sleeper Sofa?

The sleeper sofa is a type of sofa that is designed for multiple purposes, like sitting, resting, sleeping, and other purposes. This kind of sofa is designed in such a way that we can convert it into a bed. Below the seat, a bed frame is installed, which can be opened and arranged like a bed to serve different purposes.

Q3. What should be the minimum distance between T.V and Sofa? 

Minimum distance from T.V varies according to the size of the T.V. For example if we have 32” (inches) T.V unit then the minimum distance from person should be 1800 mm (72 inches).

  • For 43” (inches) :- 2400 mm (96 inches)
  • For 50” (inches) :- 2800 mm (112 inches)
  • For 60” (inches) :- 3400 mm (136 inches)
  • For 71” (inches) :- 3800 mm (152 inches)

To see an image reference of the distance of person from Sofa, click here

Q4. How much clear space is required for a Sofa?

The sofa should have a clear space of 600 to 750 mm (24 to 30 inches) from front and side.

Q5. What should be the comfortable siting height for sofa?

A sofa is used to sit and relax on; if the seating heating is not favorable, people might feel discomfort while sitting on it. The comfortable sitting height of a sofa should be between 415 to 450 mm (16 to 18 inches).

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*Note: The dimensions written in inches and mm are individual dimensions, not converted.



Length :- 2250 mm

Breadth :- 1050 mm

Seating Height :-  460 mm

Armrest Height :- 650 mm

Height (Total) :- 830 mm


Plywood and particleboard frame; polyurethane foam cushion; polyester


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