coffee table dimensions

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Q1.   What are the dimensions of the Coffee Table?

The dimensions of a coffee table are: Length :- 900 mm, Breadth: 900 mm, and Height:- 460 mm.

Q2.  Why do we use Coffee Table?   

A coffee table is low height furniture which is use to hold beverages, T.V remote, Magazines, books, decorative objects and other small items.

Q3.  How thick should a coffee table be?   

The thickness of coffee table should be minimum 25 mm to 28 mm.

Q4.  Favorable height of a coffee table?

Height of a coffee table varies because of it’s design. It’s can be specified according to the height of couch and chair or below 50 mm from the height of couch and chair.



Length  :- 900 mm

Breadth :- 900 mm

Height :- 460 mm


Wood (oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, and walnut) etc.


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