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I will be honest!!

Hello guys,

Welcome to another architectural blog, In this blog, I will talk about the horrors that we face during our course. I have faced those horrors, and I am sure that you guys have also faced those horrors. I am not talking about the ultimate horrors of architecture students; I am just talking about those annoying or silly mistakes we make during our studies. These horrors are the things that make our curriculum more interesting and add unwanted fun to our courses. It is like we don’t want it but we have to live with those horrors. I have listed some of my horrors below, and I know you guys can relate them to yours.

Just one Nap

This nap thing never leaves us anywhere. We have slept for 10 hours or just 4 hours, but we always convince ourselves to take one nap before doing any work. We have been working for 10 hours, and we get a chance to nap. That nap acts as a “power booster,” and we feel recharged. We began to tell ourselves, “Now I can work for another 6 to 8 hours.” Just one nap has some power, but sometimes this power nap becomes the worst thing for us. Yesterday I was working on a project and my consciousness convinced me to take a nap. I took my smartphone and set an alarm for 2:30 a.m. It was just a 15-minute nap, and when I opened my eyes, I was watching a beautiful sunrise through my window, and birds were singing a song.

Checking Flex bond/ UHU at 4 a.m.

Stationaries in architecture are the most important thing for us, and we may have lots of supplies for them in our hostel or home, but when we need them in an emergency we can’t find them (thanks to our beloved friends). Like yesterday, we were working on a project and suddenly noticed that the flex bond we were using would end in the middle of our model making. It is 4 a.m. in the morning and we can’t do anything about it. We have to face this horror. There is no stationery shop open for us at 4 a.m. We have to wait until 9 a.m. when the stationery shop will open.

Going for the prints

Finally, the work is done. You are very happy and excited that you have finished your work, and now you will show those projects to your professor. Yeah, it is that simple, until you reach the printing shop and start counting the total bills of your 10 A1s, 16 A2s, and 4 A4s, all printed on 300gsm matt paper in color. Your mom has given you 1500 Rs./50 dollars and the total bill is 3500 Rs./120 dollars. You’ll start crying and looking through your savings because this isn’t the end of your horror. The semester is yet to end.

AutoCAD/ SketchUp crashed at 8 a.m.

 Yeah really. It is my fault that my software crashed. Why am I working so late? Why didn’t I finish it yesterday? And a thousand other whys. But here we can’t do anything. This is another horror for us. You know, our bad fate is always with us. Now we will start from the beginning and try to finish our project again because our luck is also not with us. The crashed file cannot be recovered and reused. All the data is lost and we will start it from the beginning.

7 members in the group = 2 members (only working) 

Selecting members or joining a group for a project is a simple task because we all know that in a group we have to work less than an individual, but wait, your horror is just around the corner. For me, selecting a group member was never easy. It was the most difficult task for me. I was always left with those seven group members, of which only one works with me and the other says, “Yeah, I will work,” but they never did anything. This horror is not yet leaving me, and I don’t think I will ever get good group members that will contribute to the submissions.

What were your horrors? Comment below and let me know.

Thank you

Ar. Raju Kumar
Ar. Raju Kumar

Ar. Raju Kumar, a proud graduate in architecture, is making strides in the professional world. With a deep love for both writing and architecture, Raju brings a unique view to his designs. His journey, enriched by a diploma in architecture, shows his commitment to learning and growth. As a dedicated professional, Raju always looks for ways to improve his skills, aiming to make a lasting impact in the architectural field.

Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)
Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)

Raju Kumar is a talented 5th-year undergraduate student currently pursuing adegree in architecture. With a strong passion for both writing and architecture,Raju brings a unique perspective to the field. Holding a diploma in architecture,he actively seeks opportunities to enhance his skills and broaden his expertise as an aspiring architect.

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