Things to Know Before going with Architecture

Things to Know Before going with Architecture

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I will be honest!!

Hello everyone! This blog “things to know before going with architecture” is for those students who have recently joined an architecture course or are going to join one. Here, I will share some known words and things that will help you understand this course. Don’t worry; I am not going to say something that will demotivate you. These are the things that will help you connect with architecture, understand it in a unique way, and also make our curriculum more interesting. You are going to enter a realm where design knows no boundaries, and every step towards it can make your future brighter.

These are the things that you should know before going into architecture—a series of pivotal topics that not only unravel the facets of architectural academia but also ignite the flames of motivation and inspiration within you.

Long Lecture #studios

From now on, forget about those 30–40 minute periods; here, you will have to attend 6–8 hours of studio lectures, which is why we don’t call it a classroom. These are the studios that will become our workplace, where we have to sit for hours and brainstorm, imagine, and create different ideas to design unique spaces. These studios are now everything for you; surrounded by four walls, and you are packed inside them. The long studio hours may seem a bit difficult at times, but they hold so many invaluable lessons. You will never get that knowledge outside of it.

Here’s one interesting part: you can listen to the music with headphones around your neck and enjoy it while designing.

The Redo

In architecture, redoing is a normal thing. It is like a new way to improve and design a unique thing, so don’t ever hesitate with this. “The redo” is the most talked-about thing in a design discussion; experimenting and accepting it again and again makes you learn better. You will get several redos in your first year of college or school, so don’t overthink that. Give it one more attempt, and you will understand why it was necessary. Maybe we are not born architects, but we can learn it through process, and these redos are part of those processes. Don’t be disheartened when you get one (or more than one).

Theory Vs Practical Subjects

Practical vs theory subject, It was never a thing for us when we were in school, but in college, we have to find a balance between them; otherwise, we will be in trouble for the rest of the architecture course. As we study this course, we develop the mindset that we don’t need to focus more on our theory subject, but I would advise you not to make this kind of silly mistake because both are very important and you need to give the same attention to both of them. Theory subjects are like the first step; missing this step can cost you something.

Design is Everywhere

Architecture is all about creativity and bringing new ideas to reality, which creates unique designs and spaces. That’s why I say architecture is not just limited to buildings alone; it is very vast beyond our imagination. We just have to think about how our imagination can take shape and become reality.

In previous times, maybe there was a lack of resources to get ideas and inspiration, but in this modern age, we have countless sources to bring a unique and interesting design. Explore various platforms, walk around the places, and you will find what you were looking for.

This community or the gang

Every course demands a bond and a relationship; we are not just here to brainstorm new ideas and designs. Architecture students need those friends with whom they will spend sleepless nights and bath-less days. We will find these kinds of mates, and additionally, we may find some other distractions, and I advise you to stay away as far as possible from those distractions (not to go into detail).

In this community, you will find everyone sailing on the same boat, whether they are seniors, juniors, or classmates. Everyone is confused and restless. But still, if you ask them to help you, they will. This is the beauty. We dove into these relationships, from seniors to classmates, and became lifelong friends to mentor and guide in different situations. Maybe this course doesn’t spare anyone, but we are here for everyone.

Communication is King and Failure is still a success

In architecture, communication is a very effective thing for you. It will lead you to generate various possibilities and make you understand new things. Through your communication skills, you will learn about new things, the process, how to deal with challenges, and much more. So don’t ever hesitate to talk with someone in this field.

Architecture is a very challenging course; you have to deal with various things, and it will test your patience and stress level. Accept your failure with open hands because it holds the seeds of future success.

The Quit Attitude “Bas or nhi kar sakta”

As I told you, this course will test your patience, and you will always think about quitting it and say, “Bas ab or nhi.” It will become your battle cry, but do you think this is the solution? That’s why you were here, and is this your limit? Most students think like this in the first 2-3 months of this course, but I would advise you not to give up and shatter yourself. You just have to pass 1 or 2 semesters, and then you will get used to it and start liking this course. After conquering it, you will remember those days and find them funny.

After this, A great Future, ‘Always Happy’ ?

Architecture is not like most other courses; this industry is staggered, and you will find it difficult to carve a spot into it. You will not get easy returns on your expenditures while earning this degree. If you are expecting that your hard work and tough times after college will pay you a higher salary, then you have made a mistake here. You have to burn yourself every day and think of new ideas to impress your client. If you can do this, then you can earn quite impressively; otherwise, you have to deal with what you have after that.

Don’t get demotivated; these 5 years will grind you in better ways, and you will find your potential. Architecture is very vast and filled with so many possibilities; you just have to pick one and grind yourself best in one of those possibilities.


In the end, I would say just give your heart to this course, and in return, it will pay you in greater goods. Don’t overthink at any point. For any kind of architecture information, you can visit this website. You will get everything necessary to easily study this course. Just be with us, and we are always there for you.

And welcome to the Architecture family, future architects.

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What do you think after studying this blog “Things to know before going with architecture”? What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)
Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)

Raju Kumar is a talented 5th-year undergraduate student currently pursuing a
degree in architecture. With a strong passion for both writing and architecture,
Raju brings a unique perspective to the field. Holding a diploma in architecture,
he actively seeks opportunities to enhance his skills and broaden his expertise
as an aspiring architect.

Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)
Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)

Raju Kumar is a talented 5th-year undergraduate student currently pursuing adegree in architecture. With a strong passion for both writing and architecture,Raju brings a unique perspective to the field. Holding a diploma in architecture,he actively seeks opportunities to enhance his skills and broaden his expertise as an aspiring architect.

Table of Contents

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