Table Tennis

Dimensions of table tennis

It is a popular indoor sport played on a table using a racquet and a light ball. It differs from grass tennis only in that it is played on a table. The game may be played either individually or in groups of two on either side. The main goal is to score points while making […]

Pool Table

dimensions of pool table

The pool is a popular indoor game that is played on a pool table. The game is also known as “pocket billiards” or “simply billiards.” It is typically played with two players or teams, although there are variations that allow for more players. To play pool, players strike the cue ball with a cue stick, […]

Wrestling Mat

Dimensions of wrestling mat

In India, wrestling is known by other names like kushti, dangal, akharha, etc. It is a combat sport where two competitors engage each other physically and perform takedowns, throws, holds, etc. to score points and win the match. Wrestling can be performed on a mat or on a circular court (filled with dirt). Related Questions? […]

Squash Court

dimensions of squash court

Squash is a racket and ball sport played in a four-walled enclosed court with a small hollow rubber ball. Three sides are covered with a wall, and the front is glass for entry and spectators’ views. It can be played solo or doubles style (with two players on each team). In order to score, you […]

Hockey Field

Dimensions of field hockey

Hockey is a popular team sport played on a field, with two teams competing to score goals by hitting or shooting a ball or a puck into the opposing team’s goal. Related Questions? Q1. What are the standard dimensions of field hockey? The standard dimensions of field hockey are 91400 x 55000mm (300’ x 180’) […]

Handball Court

Dimensions of handball court

Handball is a well-liked team sport that is performed all around the world. Seven participants are participating in the game on a rectangle field (6 players and one goalkeeper). They pass the ball back and forth using their hands before tossing it toward the goalpost of the opposition to score a goal. Related Questions? Q1. […]

Kabaddi Field

Kabaddi ground dimensions

Kabaddi is a popular contact sport in South Asia, mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, kabaddi has its roots in ancient India. Two teams of seven players each compete in order to win points by raiding the other team’s half of the court and making as many touches as they can without being caught […]

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool dimensions

A swimming pool is a structure that is designed for leisure, luxury, or competition; it is typically filled with lots of water. There are several types of swimming pools, according to the needs and requirements of the user. A few of them are competitive swimming pools (lap pool, infinity pool, diving pool, etc.). They fulfill distinct […]

Volleyball Court

Volleyball court dimensions in mm

Volleyball is a team sport played by six players on either side of a net. The players’ goal is to gain points by either grounding the ball on the opposing team’s court or provoking them to make a mistake before striking the ball. If any of the players hit the ball before grounding it, points […]

Tennis Court

dimensions of tennis court

Tennis is a sport that is played either individually against a single opponent or between a team of two players. It is played with a racket and a ball by hitting the ball over a net from one end to the other. The objective is to score a point by making his or her opponent […]