Squash court dimensions
Height of squash court

Squash is a racket and ball sport played in a four-walled enclosed court with a small hollow rubber ball. Three sides are covered with a wall, and the front is glass for entry and spectators’ views. It can be played solo or doubles style (with two players on each team). In order to score, you must prevent your opponent from striking the ball before it hits the ground twice.

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Q1. What are the standard dimensions of a squash court?

The standard dimensions of a squash court are 9750 x 6400 mm (32’ x 21’) with a clearance of 1070 mm (3’-6”) from the ceiling. The area of the court should be 62.4 Sqm. (672 Sqft).

Q2. What is the standard height of a squash court?

The standard height of a squash court is 5640 mm (18’-6”).

Q3. Guidelines to be followed while designing a squash court in a space?

  • Height:- Double height space should be designed as the standard height of the squash court is 5640 mm (18′-6″). A clear height of 6000 mm (19′-8″) is recommended for an indoor court
  • Wall construction: The walls of a squash court should be constructed of durable materials such as concrete or brick. The walls should also be smooth and free of any protrusions or irregularities that could interfere with play.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is essential for playing squash. The court should be well-lit with bright, even lighting that eliminates shadows.
  • Flooring: The flooring of a squash court should be a hard, non-slip surface that provides good traction for players. Common options include hardwood, synthetic, or rubber surfaces.
  • Ventilation: Squash can be a physically demanding sport, and players can generate a lot of heat during play. It is important to ensure that the court is well-ventilated to prevent the buildup of heat and humidity.
  • Viewing area: If the court is being designed for competition or spectator events, it is important to include a viewing area that provides a clear view of the court. If it’s not then enclosed covered walls are enough.



Length:- 9750 mm

Breadth:- 6400 mm

Height (Front Wall):- 4570 mm

Height (Back Wall):- 2130 mm

Area:- 62.4 Sqm.

Clearance:- 1070 mm (From ceiling)

Materials (Flooring):

Finished and treated wood, treated wood, glass (For entry)






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*Note:- The dimensions written in feet and inches are converted.

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