Dimensions of badminton court
Height of badminton net

Badminton is a sport in which racquets are used to strike a shuttlecock from one end to the other over a net. Badminton is a game in which two people hit a shuttlecock over a net. It may be played by teams, although it is most usually played as “singles” and “doubles.”

It can be played indoors and outdoors on a rectangular court. Players get the point when the opposing side doesn’t strike the shuttlecock before landing on the ground.

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Q1. What are the standard dimensions of a badminton court?

The standard dimensions of a badminton court are 13400 x 6100 mm (44’ x 20’) with a clearance of 1500 mm (4′-11″) all around the court. The area of the court should be 81.74 Sqm. (880 Sqft).

Q2. What is the standard height of a badminton net?

The standard height of a badminton net is 1550 mm (5’-1″). It is 790 mm (2′-7″) high from the ground, and the dimensions of the net are 760 x 6100 mm (2’-6″ x 20’ ).

Q3. Guidelines to be followed while designing a badminton court in a space?


  • The preferred orientation should be north-south.
  • The flooring should not be slippery.
  • A minimum slope of 2% or 25 mm (1 inch) (corner to corner or side to side) should be there for good drainage.
  • Consider wind direction while placing the badminton court.


  • A clear height of 8000 mm (26’-3″) is required for international games and a clear height of 6000 mm (19’-8″) should be there for normal games.
  • We should avoid windows to make the space glare free.
  • The placement of artificial lighting should not affect the players or users.
  • Floor covering should be lightly resilient, it should not be hard.



Length:- 13400 mm

Breadth:- 6100 mm

Height (Net):- 1550 mm

Area:- 81.74 Sqm.

Clearance:- 1500 mm (All sides)

Materials (Flooring):

Wood, synthetic, vinyl, PVC, or rubberized surface (Indoor)

Concrete, Bituminous color coating (Outdoor)






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*Note:- The dimensions written in feet and inches are converted.

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