Types of lighting in interior design

Lighting is an important part of interior design since it showcases the interior and, by filling the space, may transform the atmosphere and ambiance. Several types of lighting are given below:

1. Ambient lighting:- It is also known as “general lighting,” which is the main source of light in a room. This lighting provides overall illumination for a room and sets the base light level. It’s typically provided by ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers, flush-mount lights, panel LEDs, COB LEDs, tube lights, or recessed lights.

2. Task lighting: This type of lighting is widely used for purposes such as highlighting a specific space, a decorative element, or any architectural element. It is mainly used in the dining area or kitchen. It is also used to highlight some specific activities like cooking, reading, or applying makeup. This type of lighting is usually applied by table lamps, under cabinet lights, or pendant lights.

3. Accent Lighting: This type of light is used to highlight major architectural elements or d├ęcor elements on a wall and in a room. like plants, artwork, paintings, sculptures, or any other major thing in a space. This type of lighting is typically provided by wall-mounted lights, track lights, spotlights, LED strips, or picture lights.

4. Decorative lighting: This sort of lighting is used to embellish an area by varying the light and color. It is done to provide visual appeal and elegance to a room. LED lights, smart lights, wall sconces, chandeliers, and other types of lighting are commonly used to provide this style of illumination.

5. Natural Lighting: Natural light has several advantages and is a great source to fill any space without using any artificial lighting. Natural light can enter any space through windows, skylights, or any other type of opening.

As previously stated, each type of lighting has its own benefits and purposes; combining them and using them for specific purposes can broaden the range of interior design options.

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