Five decorative room partition ideas

These are some decorative room partitions, you can opt for your interior based on your design. These are used to divide the space and enhance the beauty of the interior:-

1.Wooden jali partition

It is used as a room divider to separate two spaces while it can still allowing light and air to circulate.

2. Wooden slats partition

Wooden slats can be attached to a sliding track to create a movable partition that can be opened and closed as needed.

3. Fluted glass partition

Fluted glass partitions are decorative glass dividers with a distinct pattern generated by parallel ridges or “flutes.” They are frequently utilized in modern and contemporary interiors to give a sense of separation and solitude while letting light pass through.

4. Metal partitions

Metal partitions are a type of partition made from metal materials, such as steel, aluminum, or metal alloys.

5. Partitions with display shelves

Partitions with display shelves are a type of partition that combines the functionality of a partition with the display capabilities of shelves. They are often used in living and dining areas.

There are several other decorative room partitions, you can used them as well as per your design and client’s requirement.

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