Five aesthetic patterns in interior design

Patterns in interior design is one of the most integral elements in the world of design! There is a science behind patterns, as they tend to create illusions through their horizontal and vertical lines.

Chinoiserie:- Drawing from traditional Chinese motifs, Chinoiserie-style fabrics often feature elaborate scenes of florals, animals, pagodas, and children. It is a romanticized print that adds a level of sophistication to curtains, chair upholstery, or throw pillows and can make a statement.

Chevron:- Marked by a pattern of zigzag stripes, chevron fabrics infuse contemporary flair into a subdued space. Modern interpretations of the chevron motif with subtle tonal differences and textures have brought new life to the classic that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Checkered:- The Checked fabric has traditionally worked well in farmhouse modern and country design, and while it might originate there, a more contemporary twist has recently brought the countryside to more urbanized spaces. Check patterns bring style and sophistication to any space.

Brocade: A shuttle-woven cloth with a raised look comparable to embroidery, brocade is generally created with silver or gold thread. This pattern’s ornate and traditional elements add a rich and exquisite touch to classic furniture items.

Basketweave: Patterns that are designed to seem like the crossing weave of a basket is either woven or printed on a piece of cloth to achieve a symmetrical impression. A classic basket weave fabric adds warmth to a space, contrasts well with a neutral palette, and may complement a minimalist design.

Patterns in interior design, whether in the shape of curtains, paintings, wallpapers, wall or floor coverings, or even bedlinen, add personality to the space and enhance the interior.

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