Gymnastics floor dimensions

Gymnastics is a sport that involves physical exercise by performing activities such as jumping, flipping, tumbling, and balancing. It requires lots of strength, flexibility, coordination, precision, and other abilities to perform such acts.

There are multiple events where gymnastics can be seen internationally, like the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, etc.

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Q1. What are the standard dimensions of a gymnastics floor?

The standard dimensions of a gymnastics floor are 18000 x 18000 mm (59’-1″ x 59’-1″). The area of the floor should be 324 Sqm. (3487 Sqft).

Q2. What are the types of disciplines in gymnastics?

  • Artistic gymnastics
  • Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Trampolining
  • Tumbling
  • Acrobatic gymnastics
  • Aerobic gymnastics
  • Parkour



Length:- 18000 mm

Breadth:- 18000 mm

Area:- 324 Sqm.

Materials (Surface):

Mat, spring floors, etc.






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*Note: The dimensions written in inches and feet are converted.

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