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Softball Field Standard Dimensions

Softball is a popular sport that is similar to baseball but played on a smaller field as compared to baseball. It is also played with bat and ball between two teams of nine or ten players each. Usually for seven innings, whoever scores more runs wins the game. It is commonly played on two types of pitches: slow pitch and fast pitch. Slow pitches are used for recreational purposes, and fast pitches are used to play professionally.

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Q1. What are the standard dimensions of a Softball Field?

The standard dimensions of a Softball field are 60’ x 60’ (18280 x 18280 mm) with a clearance of 30’ (9140 mm) from two sides. The area of the softball field are  3600 Sqft. (344.4 Sqm).

Q2. What is the pitching distance in Softball?

The pitching distance in softball is 50’ (15200 mm) measured from the pitching rubber.

Q3. Guidelines to be followed while designing a softball field in a space?

Orientation: Optimum orientation is to locate home plate so that the pitcher is throwing across the sun and the batter is not facing it.

Surface and Drainage: Surface is to be turf . In-field may be skinned. The infield shall be graded so that the baselines and home plate are level .

Lighting: Flood light should be strategically installed so that it doesn’t distract the players hitting the ball.

Q4. Difference between baseball and softball?

  • The major difference between softball and baseball is how the ball is pitched to the hitter. In softball, a pitcher throws the ball underhand, and in baseball, the pitcher throws overhand.
  • Another difference is that baseball is played on a larger field as compared to softball.

*Note: The dimensions written in mm are converted.



Length:- 60 Ft. (18280 mm)

Breadth:- 60 Ft. (18280 mm)

Area:- 3600 Sqft (334.4 Sqm).

Clearance:- 30 Ft. (9140 mm from 2 sides)

Warning Track:- 12-15 Ft. (3650-4570 mm across all perimeter)


Grass, artificial turf, dirt (sand, clay, slit, etc.)





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