Field hockey dimensions
Hockey goalpost dimensions

Hockey is a popular team sport played on a field, with two teams competing to score goals by hitting or shooting a ball or a puck into the opposing team’s goal.

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Q1. What are the standard dimensions of field hockey?

The standard dimensions of field hockey are 91400 x 55000 mm (299’-10″ x 180’-5″) with a clearance of 2000 mm (6’-7”) from both sides and 3000 mm (9’-10″) from the front and back sides of the field. The area of the field should be 5027 Sqm. (54110 Sqft).

Q2. What is the standard height of a field hockey goal?

The standard height of a field hockey goal is 2140 mm (7’).



Length:- 91400 mm

Breadth:- 55000 mm

Height (Goal):- 2140 mm

Area:- 5027 Sqm.

Clearance:- 2000 mm (both sides)

3000 mm (Front & Back sides)

Materials (Surface):

Natural or artificial turf






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*Note:- The dimensions written in feet and inches are converted.

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