Kabaddi field dimensions

Kabaddi is a popular contact sport in South Asia, mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, kabaddi has its roots in ancient India. Two teams of seven players each compete in order to win points by raiding the other team’s half of the court and making as many touches as they can without being caught or tackled.

A rectangular court that is split into two halves is used for the game. Each team alternately sends a “raider” player to the opposing team’s half of the court. In order to return to their own half without being tackled or captured by defenders, the raider must touch one or more players on the other team.

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Q1. What are the standard dimensions of a kabaddi field?

The standard dimensions of a kabaddi field are 13000 x 10000 mm (42’-8″ x 32’-10″) with a clearance of 2000 mm (6’-7”) all around the field. The area of the field should be 130 Sqm. (1399.3 Sqft). (for men)

The standard dimensions of a kabaddi field are 12000 x 8000 mm (39’-4″ x 26’-3″) with a clearance of 2000 mm (6’-7”) all around the field. The area of the field should be 96 Sqm. (1033.3 Sqft). (for women)

Q2. What is the standard dimension of the indoor kabaddi field?

The standard dimensions of the indoor kabaddi field are 11000 x 9000 mm (36’-1″ x 29’-6″) (for men) and for women 10000 x 8000 mm (32’-10″ x 26’-3″).

Q3. Guidelines to be followed while designing a kabaddi field in a space?


  • The preferred orientation should be north-south.
  • The flooring should not be slippery.
  • A minimum slope of 2% or 25 mm (1 inch) (corner to corner or side to side) should be there for good drainage.


  • Double-height space is preferred for ceiling.
  • The court surface should be made of a non-slip material that provides good traction to the players.
  • The placement of artificial lighting should not affect the players or users.
  • Floor covering should be lightly resilient, it should not be hard.



Length:- 13000 mm

Breadth:- 10000 mm

Area:- 130 Sqm.

Clearance:- 2000 mm (All sides)

Materials (Surface):

Grass, sand, dirt, synthetic rubber mat (Outdoor)

Synthetic rubber, asphalt, etc. (indoor)






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*Note:- The dimensions written in feet and inches are converted.

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