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With millions of supporters throughout the world, football is the most popular sport. They are merely furious about it. Each team has eleven players, including the goalkeeper, and the game is played on a rectangular grass pitch. Kicking the ball into the opposite team’s goal and scoring a point for their team is the main goal of this game.

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Q1. What are the standard dimensions of a football field?

The standard dimensions of a football field are 90000/120000 x 45000/90000 mm (295’-3″/393’-8″ x 147’-8″/295’-3″) with a clearance of 1000 mm (3’-3”) all around the court.

Q2. What is the standard height of a football goalpost?

The standard height of a football goalpost is 2520 mm (8’-3”).

Q3. Guidelines to be followed while designing a football field in a space?

  • Football requires a huge area to be designed in any space, and it is also a team sport that involves several individuals.
  • For instance, one can design a football field, but the dimensions of the field vary. It should be small so that one doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
  • In some countries, small football fields (mainly indoor) are designed as they have several benefits and require the same amount of energy to be played.

*Note: The dimensions written in inches and feet are converted.



Length:- 90000/120000 mm

Breadth:- 45000/90000 mm

Height (Goal):- 2520 mm

Clearance:- 1000 mm (All sides)

Materials (Surface):

Grass, artificial turf, dirt






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