Wrestling mat dimensions

In India, wrestling is known by other names like kushti, dangal, akharha, etc. It is a combat sport where two competitors engage each other physically and perform takedowns, throws, holds, etc. to score points and win the match. Wrestling can be performed on a mat or on a circular court (filled with dirt).

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Q1. What are the standard dimensions of a wrestling mat?

The standard dimensions of a wrestling mat are 12000 x 12000 mm (39’-4″ x 39’-4″) with a clearance of a minimum of 2000 mm (6’-7”) all around the mat. The area of the mat should be 144 Sqm. (1550 Sqft).

Q2. On which surface wrestling is played?

Wrestling is played on a mat. The mat is made of PVC Nitrile foam to ensure the safety of the players or competitors. When players are hurled onto the mat, this material absorbs the impact. This will protect the athletes and keep them safe.

Q3. Guidelines to be followed while designing a wrestling area in a space?

Lighting: Good lighting is essential for wrestling matches. The wrestling area should be well-lit. Good lighting eliminates shadows and provides good visibility for wrestlers and officials.

Ventilation: The wrestling area should have good ventilation to ensure that air circulates properly and to prevent the buildup of moisture and odors.



Length:- 12000 mm

Breadth:- 12000 mm

Area:- 144 Sqm.

Clearance:- 2000 mm (All sides)


Rubber, foam, Polyurethane, etc.







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*Note: The dimensions written in inches and feet are converted.

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