Architecture Students Should Avoid Burnout

Avoid burn out in architecture

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I will be honest!!

Hello guys,

Welcome to another architecture motivational blog post, This blog is for those students who take too much stress during their studies. Talking about their assignments, projects, jury, and other, they just want themselves to be on top and for this, they are willing to do anything. I am not saying that everyone shouldn’t have this kind of dedication but they should follow some discipline so that they don’t harm themselves and others also. Here I want to advise you something and will share some tips so that you guys can save yourself from burnout during your studies. It is also necessary because we can’t achieve something like this. We have to take a breath and follow these tips during our architecture studies and get motivated by them.

Planning and selecting priorities

  Planning and choosing your priorities is crucial in architecture because we are always left with limited time and have lots of projects to complete. So we have to take some measures to control, I would say write everything down, figure out what is the most important task right now and plan everything around it so that you can finish one thing at a time. This is important and helpful to you because you will finish your work before the deadline and you will have a certain time left for other projects.

Not to waste time

      We all have this issue, when we start thinking about the days we have left for the submission date, then we count it and start making excuses to ourselves that we do have 4-5 odd days to complete it. I will complete it from the next day onwards, that is where all the trouble begins. We don’t have to do this, we are just making things worst for ourselves. I would advise stop doing this and start doing your work at the time it needs to be done so that you have better results and after that, you can relax with a clearer mind.

Setting Up Parameters

      This is most important here, setting up parameters and only going with them. This will not just help you with your studies it will also help you in many other ways because you have organized it and you know when you have to do something and how you have to do it. Doing this helps you to focus on your strength. Architecture is an easy subject we just have to convince ourselves to go with some parameters. Working 6-8 hrs. or 12-14 hrs. we have to choose how we want to go.

Take help from Others

      Some of us might be shy or feel uncomfortable taking help from others but we don’t have to do that. We need someone that can help, whether you ask your friend, another student, your professor, or even your sister! Don’t struggle in silence, many people around you can help. You just have to ask, talking with someone similar to you always gives great relief, find that someone for you.

Be honest and kind to yourself

      We all are here to study, if not then you can drop down from this course. Why waste time on something you are not interested in. Should try to do something, in which you can bring success for yourself, maybe it is harsh but that is the reality. You don’t have to lie to yourself, just be honest and do the thing which is good for you. Be kind to yourself and don’t let yourself hurt with your decisions. Achieving something in his/her life is everyone’s dream. So focus on that only. With this I am ending the motivational blog post, will catch you in another one.

What do you do to avoid burnout comment down your secret.

Thank You

Ar. Raju Kumar
Ar. Raju Kumar

Ar. Raju Kumar, a proud graduate in architecture, is making strides in the professional world. With a deep love for both writing and architecture, Raju brings a unique view to his designs. His journey, enriched by a diploma in architecture, shows his commitment to learning and growth. As a dedicated professional, Raju always looks for ways to improve his skills, aiming to make a lasting impact in the architectural field.

Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)
Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)

Raju Kumar is a talented 5th-year undergraduate student currently pursuing adegree in architecture. With a strong passion for both writing and architecture,Raju brings a unique perspective to the field. Holding a diploma in architecture,he actively seeks opportunities to enhance his skills and broaden his expertise as an aspiring architect.

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