Fire Safety Norms

Fire Safety norms in different types of buildings

Topic :- Fire safety norms for different types of Buildings Credit :- Raju Kumar

Energy & Fire Safety

Electricity distribution system

Topic :- Energy System and Fire Safety (Load Circulation & Distribution) Part – 1 Credit :- Unknown


Different types of transformer

Topic :- Transformer (Types, Load, Circulation & Distribution) Part – 2 Credit :- Unknown

Electricity Distribution

Types of electricity wiring

Topic :- Electricity Distribution System (Types, wiring, Adv. & Dis.) Part – 3 Credit :- Unknown

Classification of Buildings

Buildings classification as per NBC

Topic :- Terms related to fire safety & Classification of Buildings Credit :- Shubhalaxmi, Sneha, Stuti, Vanshika, Taranbani, Shubham, Yuvraj, Govind

Basics of Fire

Prevention of Fire

Topic :- Basics of Fire ( Prevention and Class of fire) Credit :- Unknown