Lego Architecture

legoland models display

Lego Architecture is a series of Lego sets owned by LEGO Groups. It focuses on replicating the most famous architectural landmarks, buildings, and structures throughout the world


how to approach in a building

An entrance in architecture refers to the designated point of access to a building, house, or any other space. It is a It is a threshold between the inside and outside of the building and acts as a critical element in the overall design of the building by serving both functional and symbolic purposes.

Brutalist Architecture

brutalist buildings examples

What is brutalist architecture? Brutalist architecture is a popular architectural style that emerged in the mid-20th century in the United Kingdom and spread around the world. It was used in reconstruction projects after the Second World War. Brutalist architecture is characterized by the use of simple form, block-like structure, hulking concrete work, and structural elements. […]

Baroque Architecture

example of baroque architecture

What is Baroque Architecture? Baroque architecture is a remarkable architectural style that emerged in Italy in the late 16th century and lasted until the mid-18th century. It became extremely famous in Italy and then expanded throughout Europe, including Spain, Bavaria, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, and eventually the United States. The baroque architecture style was preceded by […]


turning radius and types of parking

Parking means a moving vehicle is stopping, halting, or leaving at a specific location in an area that is typically designated for that purpose. Before parking any vehicle in a particular location, it is important that we make sure that parking a vehicle there is safe or allowed by the local authorities


types of ventilation

Ventilation is derived from the Latin word “ventus,” which means “the movement of air” . It refers to the process of continuously providing fresh air to an indoor space by removing or diluting polluted air.


Case Study of Walt Disney Concert Hall

Everyone knows that architecture has been a conservative discipline since the beginning of time. It demands order, stability, function, and logic, but deconstructivism moves away from these constructing rules.

Passive Cooling

Passive cooling techniques

Passive cooling uses cost-free and renewable sources of energy like the wind and sun to provide lighting, cooling, and ventilation for a house. It is a natural or passive way of cooling a building or space without using any mechanical or electrical devices…


Fenestration through daylight

Daylight is an important component of architecture in its historical, theoretical, and technical conceptions, with the ability to inspire people and illuminate design elements. Light’s aesthetic and psychological qualities are combined with building orientation, cross-section, interior finishes, window design, and integration with electric lighting in daylighting design principles. 

Gothic Architecture

Milan cathedral is an example of a Gothic Architectural Style

Gothic architecture is a kind of medieval European architecture that flourished from the middle of the 12th century through the 16th century and, in certain places, continued into the 17th and 18th centuries. [1] [2] [4] It developed from Romanesque architecture, and Renaissance architecture replaced it.