assignment 64

Topic :- About Earth Air Tunnel & Energy Audit Process

Credit :- Pooja Shahi, Raju Kumar

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  1. Hi, Daryl here in Melbourne the idea of an Earth Air Tunnel & have actually started looking into Geothermal Cooling tubes also. I’m building an off grid Tiny Home in the very near future to Retire in, in Country Victoria, so something different appeals to me. One question is about ‘condensation’ etc inside the Tunnels/Pipes & possible mould issues. How can you stop this.?

    1. As per my knowledge, it is very common that condensation occurs in the pipe. It happens when the cold water inside the pipes meets the warm and humid air inside the building. The earth’s air tunnel has to deal with this.
      To get rid of mold issues, you should regularly clean the drains and pipes.
      One more suggestion: if anything seems wrong, consult a professional, who will deal with it better.

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