School Design

school design standards

A school is an educational or institutional building that is designed to provide structured learning to students. Education is the fundamental and most important element of a modern society because it enables us to identify things, understand them, and take different outcomes from them.


type of standards staircase

A staircase, also known as stairs, stairwell, or stair room, is a room in any type of building where a staircase is located. It is used for vertical connectivity between different levels or floors of the building. It provides vertical movement for users from one floor to another. A staircase consists of two flights, one for going up and the other for going down.

Lego Architecture

legoland models display

Lego Architecture is a series of Lego sets owned by LEGO Groups. It focuses on replicating the most famous architectural landmarks, buildings, and structures throughout the world


building foundation on construction site

What is a foundation in Building Construction? In building construction, the foundation is the lowest part of the structure that is directly connected to the surface or ground. Foundations are the structural element of the building that is responsible for effectively transferring the total structure’s load to the underlying ground or soil. The foundation evenly […]


louvre museum in Paris

Glass is an inorganic building material that is made from liquid sand. It is a hard but at the same time very fragile non-crystalline solid that is often transparent or translucent, brittle, and chemically inert.

Tuscan Order

examples of tuscan orders

The Tuscan order is one of the classical orders of Roman architecture; the other four are Ionic, Doric, Corinthian, and Composite. The Tuscan order originated from the Etruscan civilization during the Iron Age.


how to approach in a building

An entrance in architecture refers to the designated point of access to a building, house, or any other space. It is a It is a threshold between the inside and outside of the building and acts as a critical element in the overall design of the building by serving both functional and symbolic purposes.

Brutalist Architecture

brutalist buildings examples

What is brutalist architecture? Brutalist architecture is a popular architectural style that emerged in the mid-20th century in the United Kingdom and spread around the world. It was used in reconstruction projects after the Second World War. Brutalist architecture is characterized by the use of simple form, block-like structure, hulking concrete work, and structural elements. […]

Baroque Architecture

example of baroque architecture

What is Baroque Architecture? Baroque architecture is a remarkable architectural style that emerged in Italy in the late 16th century and lasted until the mid-18th century. It became extremely famous in Italy and then expanded throughout Europe, including Spain, Bavaria, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, and eventually the United States. The baroque architecture style was preceded by […]

Ionic Order

use of greek ionic order in temples

The Ionic order is one of the classical orders of Greek architecture; the other two are the Doric and Corinthian orders. The Ionic Order first originated in Ionia, a coastal region of central Anatolia (in present-day Turkey). At that location, a number of Greek settlements were present.