Rangoli Design CAD Blocks

Rangoli design cad download


Are you looking to enhance your college, architectural, or interior design projects with accurate and detailed representations of Decorative fixtures? Look no further! We have these Rangoli Design CAD blocks for you and that too is totally free.

These Rangoli Design CAD block have been designed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that they accurately represent the various rangoli design commonly found in residential, and public spaces. These Lighting CAD Blocks are separated based on their types. You can use them in your projects however you want. All the blocks are on layers, and the names are also listed in the file if you want to change anything as per your preferences or needs you can easily do it. Download these free rangoli design CAD block which come with standard dimensions, plan, elevation, and side view. All the dimensions are also mentioned in the dwg. file (In mm and inches)

Drawn By:- Simaran Kumari

Important:- Don’t upload these CAD block anywhere on the internet. This may result in a copyright claim, for which you will be held liable.

CAD Blocks:- 4 rangoli designs which are in different design and patterns. Download and use them for your projects.

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