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What is context in architecture?

The interconnectedness of conditions that surround a certain area, site, or project that should be tied to and connected in some manner is defined as the context in architecture. The built environment’s buildings and structures do not exist in isolation; rather, they are designed and created to respond to, support, and improve their surroundings. According to the Oxford Dictionary, context is “the situation that sets the backdrop for an event, statement, or notion so that it may be fully understood.” In contrast to de-constructivism or constructivism, which goes against established design and fabric standards, contextual architecture responds to its surroundings by honoring what is already there.

The Context of a building or site might include:

1.  Cultural activities in the community

Louvre Museum, Paris, France
Louvre Museum, Paris, France

2.  The surroundings’ topography

3.  The height of the surrounding structures

4.  The site’s history and previous uses

5.  Architectural styles found on the property

6.  Materials and construction methods

7.  Legal policies, national or local

8.  The state’s economy

9.  Connectivity and Circulation

10. Problems

Criteria for contextual analysis


      A harmonic relationship between buildings in terms of vertical order (height-width relationship) and horizontal order (relationship between height and width).

Scale and Proportions

      A relationship of elements within the same building (height, width, footprint).

Colors, textures, and materials

      The visual rendering of the buildings is determined by their colors and textures.     

      Material: the substance from which the building is made.


      The existence of an axis of symmetry indicates the existence of two sections within or surrounding the structure that are in sync.


      Repetition of elements in a harmonious way.


      A particular element of the design adds to the overall design.

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Ar. Raju Kumar
Ar. Raju Kumar

Ar. Raju Kumar, a proud graduate in architecture, is making strides in the professional world. With a deep love for both writing and architecture, Raju brings a unique view to his designs. His journey, enriched by a diploma in architecture, shows his commitment to learning and growth. As a dedicated professional, Raju always looks for ways to improve his skills, aiming to make a lasting impact in the architectural field.

Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)
Raju Kumar (Asst. Architect)

Raju Kumar is a talented 5th-year undergraduate student currently pursuing adegree in architecture. With a strong passion for both writing and architecture,Raju brings a unique perspective to the field. Holding a diploma in architecture,he actively seeks opportunities to enhance his skills and broaden his expertise as an aspiring architect.

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