queen bed dimensions

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Q1. What are the dimensions of a Queen Bed?

The dimensions of a Queen Bed are Diameter: 2130 mm, and height (mattress): 610 mm.

Q2.   What is a Bed?

The bed is a piece of furniture that is supported by frames and have a mattress over it, where people sleep or rest.

Q3. What should be the minimum height of the bed?   

The height of the bed changes as we change the size of the bed. The minimum height of a normal bed should be between 550 to 600 mm (50 to 60 cm) including mattress thickness. (From foot to mattress)

Q4. What are the advantages of having a bed frame?

Bed frames are not just a design element; they provide support to the bed and help us get better sleep, and they also give us space for storage through optional drawers.

Q5. What should be the minimum Distance of bed from the wall and furnitures?

Minimum distance of bed from the wall should be 600 to 750 mm from the sides and from the front it should be 900 mm. 

Minimum distance of bed from other furnitures should be 750 to 900 mm.



Diameter :- 2130 mm

Height :- 610 mm


Solid Pine Wood, Bamboo, [Acrylic, Cotton, Nylon for bedsheet and mattress]


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